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WomanWithKindle1024x730-600x427Need more Reviews for your eBook?

Or, are you about to publish an eBook that does not have a single review yet?

Get reviews with the Read & Review Program!

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Essential for authors who need reviews for their books. A way to get honest feedback and make some new fans!”Linda Lee Williams, author of Old Town Nights


 How It Works

1. We will advertise your eBook to our readers (published or pre-release)
2. Interested readers will sign up to receive your eBook for free
3. We will send them the eBook as a MOBI and/or PDF
4. Readers will read your book and post a review on Amazon / GoodReads

For pre-release books: Start the program 7 to 10 days before your publication date to potentially have reviewers READY to post their review when the book goes live on Amazon!

“I just want to thank you so much for this program, it’s helped me get other books off the ground and I know it will do the same for The Back Building!”Julie Dewey, author of One Thousand Porches


First Things First

With the Read & Review Program, you are not buying reviews. Buying reviews would be against Amazon’s Terms of Services.

However, you are purchasing:

– Access to new readers and hopefully a few new fans!
– Advertising space on our site and in our newsletter for your R&R book
-A program that encourages our readers to leave an honest review after reading your book readers do not receive any compensation, other than the free eBook.

“I found it to be a great way to connect with new readers, and to receive new honest reviews for my novel. Thank you!”Harvey Chute, author of Stone and Silt


Our Guarantee

Most books that have “graduated” from the R&R program received between 12 and 25 reviews. If a book does not receive enough attention or reviews because it is just not a good match for our audience, we do offer to continue to feature the book on our site and repeatedly in the newsletter for 9 months.  Alternatively, an author may choose to exit the program and receive a no-cost Book Boost (3 separate promos (Premium or Basic, depending on the R&R featuring option you had chosen) on our site, in our newsletter, as well as social media attention).

Benefits of Reviews for Your Book

– More attractive to potential buyers!
– Eligible sooner to promote on sites with minimum review requirements!
– No more begging friends and family to read and leave reviews!
– No more begging on social media!

“I wanted to let you know that I’ve really benefited from your premium program. I started out with 13 reviews for Shimmer and now am up to 35. I’ve gotten email sign ups as well as readers who have let me know they have gone out and bought the entire series. This was probably the most results I’ve gotten out of any ads or marketing I’ve done. My sales have continually gone up since November. I’ve referred some author friends already and I will be signing up for another book very soon.“Elena Dillon, author of Shimmer

Average turnaround time

Interested readers sign up one at a time. Typically, a larger number of readers will sing up for your book the day of your feature date with more trickling in as time goes on.

Average time to receive all interested Readers: 30-90 Days

Faster than Average
Slower than Average

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Business & Money

Historical Fiction



Self Help & How To

Suspense / Thriller



Teen & Young Adult

Children’s & Middle Grade

Women’s Fiction

Science Fiction

Every few weeks, we will re-feature any book that has not received all of its interested readers.

“I just wanted to say thank you ;). On Tuesday night, I sent out the first batch of mobi copies to the reviewers you’d given me that day, and I just emailed out the copies to these two new reviewers below. I’ve gotten some very nice feedback from a couple of readers already on THE ROAD TO YOU and am keeping my fingers crossed that most of the others will enjoy it as well…

Thanks so much for providing this wonderful way to connect with new readers!” – Marilyn Brant, author of The Road to You

Are you ready for:

– Book reviews on Amazon / GoodReads?
– New interested readers on your mailing list?
– New fans who may choose to buy and/or review additional books of yours?

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Got any questions?  Go here for our FAQ.

(Please note: The program is popular and new submissions for the Standard Feature will be scheduled for about 3-6 weeks out. If you need an earlier date, please submit for a Premium Feature!)


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On average, 40-60% end up leaving a review.
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On average, 40-60% end up leaving a review.
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